Activities at Ohel Harashbi
We take pride in serving all yidden that visit the holy kever of Rebbi Shimon all yeal round.
חדר תה וקפה
The Coffee Room
As an organization that operates a distribution system for drinking and lite refreshments in the coffee room in the yard of Zion Harshbi all year round, tea and coffee for the many guests who come to visit the sacred place is open 24 hours a day.
סעודת שבת
Shobbos Meals
At Ohel Harahbi we serve סעודות שבת כיד המלך to anyone that is spending Shabbos in the holy city of Meron. The meals are served every shobbos in the magnificant tent location right by the ohel of R' Shimon. Come join us!
קידושים בשבת
The Shobbos Kiddush
Reb Shrage has taken it upon himself for the last twenty years to organize Kiddushim after every Minyan in the Rashbi tent of Meron, on Shabbos morning after prayer. take part in it by donating for the benefit of Shabbos.
ח"י רוטל
Chai Rotel
Ohal Harashbi supplies "chai rotel" to thousands of guests at Rabbi Shimon's kever all year long. Grape juice, Milk, Coffee, Tea, & cold drinks. Earn the merit of chai rotel simply by donating to help Reb Shrage with his efforts.
ל"ג בעומר
Laag B'omer Operations
During the night of Lag Ba'Omer, thousands of people come to stay at the 'הכנסת האורחים' of Ohel Harashbi. With portions of food and drinks for the tens of thousands who come to the Tzion. We order food that comes prepared & fresh from a prestigious catering in Jerusalem.
סעודת פורים
Purim Seudah
Every year, סעודת פורים is celebrated in the Ohel of Rashbi, headed by Rabbi Shraga Schnitzer. As is customary, Reb Shrage is distributing בשר ייין ודגים to the masses כיד המלך.
סעודת ראש חודש
Rosh Chodesh Seuda
Every month there is a Rosh Chodesh meal for all those who visit the holy Kaver, and on the eve of Rosh Chodesh there is also a generous division of food and drinks.